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Remote MT Job

>> Tuesday, May 10, 2011

International Web Research Association (IWRA)
P.O.Box: 10123
Bagbazar Street
Opp. Bagbazar Plazza
Bagmati Zone
Kathmandu, Nepal

We operate even Forex Managed Funds; If you would like to Invest your money to us and would like to get returned of the profit.

Deposit/Withdraw option :
Minimum Investment: $250
Maximum Investment: $5000

Monthly Profit Return: 50% return of the Principal Amount each month for 8 Months Period.

For More details, Feel free to contact us by email.

ANIL GIRI -(Admin)
Skype: iwrahost


ANIL GIRI - (Admin.)
International Web & Research Association Pvt.Ltd. (IWRA)
P.O.Box:10123, Bagbazar
Opp. Bagbazar Plaza
Bagmati, Kathmandu - NP
Tel: +977-1-22-969-30
Cell1: + 977-9841389251
Cell2: + 977-9803637492


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